Citation Doctor WHO

Saison 4 Episode 13

Davros qui parle au Doctor !

Davros : Combien d’autres ? Réfléchissez !

– Combien d’autres sont mort en votre nom ?

– Le Docteur.

– L’homme qui court toujours et ne regarde jamais derrière lui, car ils n’ose pas , il a trop honte.

– Voici mon ultime victoire, Docteur, je vous ai révélé à vous même.


Saison 5 Episode 12 :

VO :

Doctor :

Hello, Stonehenge!

Who takes the Pandorica,

takes the universe.

But bad news, everyone…

Cos guess who?! Ha!

Listen, you lot, you’re all whizzing
about, it’s really very distracting.

Could you all just stay still a minute?
Because I am talking!

The question of the hour is,
who’s got the Pandorica?

Answer – I do. Next question,
who’s coming to take it from me?

Come on! Look at me, no plan, no
back-up, no weapons worth a damn.

Oh, and something else, I don’t
have, anything… to… lose!

So if you’re sitting up there in your silly
little spaceship, with all your silly
little guns,

and you’ve got any plans on taking the
Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s
standing in your way.

Remember every black day I
ever stopped you. And then,

AND THEN, do the smart thing.

Let somebody else try first.


Saison 6 Episode 8


River Song :

– Tu meurs ! Et tu prend le temps de te changer ?

Le Docteur

– Oohhh Quand on a pas de temps à perdre, il faut le gaspiller.

– Ne jamais laisser le temps vous contrôler.

– Règle numéro 408.



River Song :

– You’re dying  ! and stopped to change ?

Le Docteur

– Oohhh You should always waste time when you don’t have any.

– Time is not the boss of you.

– Rule 408.



Saison 7 Episode 3 : ( A faire


Shérif :

OK, everyone who isn’t an American,
drop your gun.

Doctor :
We could end this right now,
we could save everyone RIGHT NOW!

Amy :
This is not how we roll,
and you know it.
What’s happened to you? When did
killing someone become an option?

Doctor :
Jex HAS to answer for his crimes.

Amy :

And what then?

You going to hunt down everyone who’s

made a gun, a bullet or a bomb?

Doctor :
They keep coming back, don’t you
see? Every time I negotiate,
I try to understand. Well, not
today! No! Today I honour
the victims first! His, the
Master’s, the Daleks’,
all the people who
died because of MY MERCY!

Amy :
See, this is what happens when you
travel alone for too long.
Well, listen to me, Doctor,
we can’t be like him.
We have to be better than him.

Doctor :
Amelia Pond…


Fine… we
think of something else.

Saison 7 Episode 13

C : – Tu ne peux pas !!

– Tu as dit qu’il s’agissait du seul endroit où tu n’iras jamais/

D : – Je dois sauver Vastra et Strax. Jenny aussi, si c’est possible.

– Ils m’ont aidé durant mes heures sombre, ils ne m’ont jamais interrogé, ils ne m’ont jamais jugé, ils      étaient juste … gentils.

– Je leur dois ça, c’est mon devoir.

– Inutile de dire que c’est trop dangereux.

C: –  Pas du tout. Comment les sauver ?

D : –  Apparemment …  … En entrant dans ma propre tombe ?!


Saison 8 Episode 9


Clara : I don’t know.

Doctor : I’m sorry?

Clara :  You asked me if you’re a good man and the answer is …. I don’t Know

Clara : But I think you try to be and I think that’s probably the point.


Clara : Je ne sais pas.

Doctor : Je te demande pardon ?

Clara : Vous m’avez demandé si vous étiez un homme bon et… je ne sais pas.

Clara : Mais je crois que vous essayez de l’être et c’est le plus important.



Saison 8 Episode 8

Doctor à Clara :

– Parfois les seules options que tu as, sont mauvaises.
– Mais tu dois quand même choisir.


Saison 8 Episode 12

Le docteur qui parle.

– Je ne suis pas un homme bien !!!…

–  Et  je ne suis pas un homme mauvais.

– Je ne suis pas un héros.

– Et je ne suis assurément pas un président.

– Et, non, je ne suis pas un officier.

– Sait tu ce que je suis ?

– Je….  suis…. un ….

– Idiot !!!

– Avec une cabine et un tournevis.

-Je traverse, j’apporte mon aide,  j’apprend.

– Je n’ai pas besoin d’une armée, ce ne sera jamais le cas, car je les ai eux.

– Toujours eux

– Parce que l’amour n’est pas une émotion…

– L’amour et une promesse.


Saison 8 Episode 12

Clara au docteur pendant une prise dans les bras.

C :  – Pourquoi tu n’aimes pas les câlins ?

D : – Ne jamais faire confiance à un câlin.

–  C’est juste un moyen de cacher ton visage.


Saison 9 Episode 1 :


Davros :

Help me!

Someone, please!

Help me!


Doctor :

Your chances of survival
are about one in a thousand.

So here’s what you do.

You forget the thousand, and
you concentrate on the one.


Davros :

Aidez-moi !

Quelqu’un, pitié !

Aidez-moi !

Aidez-moi !

Doctor :

Tu as une chance sur mille

de survivre.

Ce que tu vas faire, c’est te concentrer

sur celle-là et d’oublier le reste.



Saison 9 Episode 1 :



Clara :
How did you know I was
here? Did you see me?

Doctor :
When do I not see you?

Clara :
What, one face in all of that crowd?

Doctor :
There was a crowd, too?

Clara :
Wow, we’re doing charm
as well, now, are we?



Clara :
Vous m’avez vue ?

Doctor :
Ça m’arrive, de ne pas te voir ?

Clara :
Même parmi la foule ?

Doctor :
Quelle foule ?

Clara :
On joue les charmeurs ?

Saison 9 Episode 2


Doctor :

Come on, I’ll take you home.

Davros :

Which side are you on?

Are you the enemy?

Doctor :

I’m not sure that any of that matters.

Friends, enemies.

So long as there’s mercy.

Always mercy.


VF (Trop moyen pour être mis …) 


Saison 9 Episode 8 :

VO : 

One of those buttons
will destroy the Zygons,

release the imbecile’s gas.

The other one detonates the nuclear
warhead under the Black Archive.

It’ll destroy everyone in London.

Bonnie. Bonnie, sweetheart!

One of those buttons will
unmask every Zygon in the world.

The other one cancels their
ability to change form.

It’ll make them human beings for ever.

There are safeguards beyond safeguards.

I did this on a very important day for me

– and this ceasefire WILL stand.
– This is wrong.

No, it’s not.

You are responsible for all the
violence. All of the suffering.

– No, I’m not. – Yes. – No.

Yes, you engineered this situation,
Doctor. This is your fault.

No, it’s not, it’s your fault.
I had to do what I’ve done.

– So did I.
– We have been treated like cattle.

– So, what? – We’ve been
left to fend for ourselves.

– So is everyone. – It’s not
fair. – Oh, it’s not fair!

Oh, I didn’t realise that it
was not fair! You know what?

My TARDIS doesn’t work properly

and I don’t have my own personal tailor.

The things don’t equate.

These things have happened,
Zygella, they are facts.

YOU just want cruelty to beget cruelty.

You’re not superior to
people who were cruel to you,
you’re just a whole bunch
of new cruel people.

A whole bunch of new cruel people

being cruel to some other people,

who’ll end up being cruel to you.

The only way anyone can live in peace

is if they’re prepared to forgive.

Why don’t you break the cycle?

Why should we?

What is it that you actually want?

– War.
– Ah, ah right!

And when this war is over,

when you have a homeland free from humans,

what do you think it’s going to be like?

Do you know? Have you thought about it?

Have you given it any consideration?

Because you’re very close
to getting what you want.

What’s it going to be
like? Paint me a picture.

Are you going to live in houses?
Do you want people to go to work?

Will there be holidays?

Oh! Will there be music?

Do you think people will
be allowed to play violins?

Who’s going to make the violins?

Well? Oh, you don’t actually know, do you?

Because, like every other
tantrumming child in history,

Bonnie, you don’t actually
know what you want.

So, let me ask you a question about
this brave new world of yours.

When you’ve killed all the bad
guys, and when it’s all perfect

and just and fair, when
you have finally got it

exactly the way you want it,

what are you going to do
with the people like you?

The troublemakers.

How are you going to protect
your glorious revolution

from the next one?

We’ll win.

Oh, will you? Well,
maybe… maybe you WILL win!

But nobody wins for long.

The wheel just keeps turning.

So, come on.

Break the cycle.

Why are you still talking?

Because I want to get you to
see, and I’m almost there!

You know what I see, Doctor?

A box.

A box with everything I need.

A 50% chance.

For us, too.

And we’re off! Fingers on
buzzers! Are you feeling lucky?

Are you ready to play the game?
Who’s going to be quickest?

– Who’s going to be luckiest?
– This is not a game!

No, it’s not a game, sweetheart,
and I mean that most sincerely.

Why are you doing this?

Yes, I’d quite like to know that,
too. You set this up — why?

Because it’s not a game, Kate.

This is a scale model of war.

Every war ever fought, right
there in front of you.

Because it’s always the same.

When you fire that first shot,
no matter how right you feel,

you have no idea who’s going to die!

You don’t know whose children
are going to scream and burn!

How many hearts will be broken!

How many lives shattered!

How much blood will spill
until everybody does until

what they were always going to have
to do from the very beginning —

sit down and talk!

Listen to me. Listen, I just…
I just want you to think.

Do you know what thinking is?

It’s a fancy word for changing your mind.

I will not change my mind.

Then you will die stupid.

Alternatively, you could
step away from that box,

you can walk right out of that door

and you could stand your revolution down.


I’m not stopping this, Doctor. I
started it. I will not stop it.

You think they’ll let me
go, after what I’ve done?

You’re all the same, you screaming kids.

You know that?

« Look at me, I’m unforgiveable. »

Well, here’s the
unforeseeable. I forgive you…

after all you’ve done.

I forgive you.

You don’t understand.

You will never understand.

I don’t understand?

Are you kidding? Me?
Of course I understand.

You mean, you call this a
war? This funny little thing?

This is not a war!

I fought in a bigger war
than you will ever know.

I did worse things than
you could ever imagine.

And when I close my eyes…

.. I hear more screams than anyone
could ever be able to count!

And do you know what you
do with all that pain?

Shall I tell you where you put it?

You hold it tight…

.. till it burns your hand,

and you say this…

No-one else will ever
have to live like this!

No-one else will have to feel this pain!

Not on my watch!

Saison 9 Episode 11


Doctor : 

I’m the Doctor.

I’m coming to find you.

And I will never ever stop.

Because you won’t see this coming.

If I didn’t know better,

I’d say I travelled
7,000 years into the future.

« How many seconds

« in eternity? »

If I didn’t know better,

I’d say I travelled
12,000 years into the future.

« How many seconds
in eternity? »

The shepherd’s boy…

Six hundred thousand years
into the future.

« How many seconds
in eternity? »

The shepherd’s boy says…

Twelve hundred thousand years
into the future.

And the shepherd’s boy says…

Two million years into the future.

And the shepherd’s boy says…

Twenty million years
into the future.


And the shepherd’s boy says…

« There’s this mountain
of pure diamond.

« It takes an hour to climb it.

« And an hour to go around it. »

Fifty-two million years.

« Every hundred years,

« a little bird comes.

« It sharpens its beak
on the diamond mountain. »

Nearly a billion years.

« And when the entire mountain
is chiselled away,

« the first second in eternity

« will have passed. »

Well over a billion years.

You must think
that’s a hell of a long time.

Two billion years.


I think that’s a hell of a…


I think that’s a hell of a bird.

Saison 10 Episode 00 (Spécial Noël)

VF(Sous titre)

Le Docteur :

Les choses ont une fin.
C’est tout.
Tout a une fin.
Et c’est toujours triste.
Mais tout recommence aussi.
Et c’est toujours heureux
Soyeux heureux.